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【NEW】goro’s BIBLE / Goro's 高橋吾郎
【NEW】Heart Wheel Feather (M) / Goro's 高橋吾郎
【NEW】Heart Wheel Feather (M) / Goro's 高橋吾郎
【NEW】Red Beads Set / Goro's 高橋吾郎
【NEW】SV Beads (S) / Goro's 高橋吾郎
【NEW】SV Concho / Goro's 高橋吾郎
【New】SV Heart Wheel Feather (M) / Goro's 高橋吾郎
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Goros is a Japanese silver brand founded by Mr. Takahashi Goro.

This is Japan's first pioneering brand of Indian silverware.

Mr. Takahashi Goro studied by himself,

In 1966, a small shop was opened in Castle Peak.

After that, the store moved from Castle Peak to the current Harajuku.

In the first half of the 1990s, I suddenly received a large number of orders and became the first hand-made silver jewelry in Japan.

Japan's well-known star Kimura Takuya, Kaneko, Iwatani Ichi and Tsuchiya Anna all like the silverware designed by Mr. Takahashi Goro.

Now Goros is also very popular, and every morning you can see a long line of queues in front of the Goros store, for a dream silver.


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